We are all more creative than we think.

I began my relationship with Knoll when working on the Spark Series chairs during my time at Chadwick Studio.  Two years following the launch of the Sparks Series, I presented The Line Collection, a variety of home and small office concepts to Benjamin Pardo, Knoll Design Director. It was based on observations / research into an increasing nomadic work life, a growing market share of sales going to home office, and lack of product that fulfilled that need in the Knoll Portfolio.

Ultimately, the Line Collection served as a launching point for the Stromborg Table. Pardo’s desire to see more “magic in the connections,” to “look down into the legs,” and our mutual respect for Jean Pouvé helped shape the collection that went on to be awarded Best of Neocon 2012.

The Stromborg Table Collection, designed for indoor or outdoor use, offers clean lines and exciting connections. The signature X- and Y-shaped aluminum rails give the table a subtle but energetic accent.

For purchasing this collection, please visit the Knoll site.